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We gather to remember who we are and why we are here.

We gather to listen to to The One that is trying to reach us through the waves of time and space - Our Higher Future Self.

She has a message for us.

She knows what we should do. 

We gather to honor her and co-create our lives while holding her hand.  

Lana Kravtsova


Writer, Poet, Mama, Seeker.

Lana created many projects over the years, yet at the core of each of them was her desire to help people connect to their deeper truth. Messages From The Future is her latest endeavor inspired by a question - What if we co-created our present with our Future Selves guiding us?

Lana believes that our Future Selves are constantly trying to reach us - through dreams, deep yearning, serendipities.

Will we listen? 

      Her desire is to facilitate and create portals of connection to our Future Selves to inform our daily choices, our goals and priorities. 



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